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» Our Story:

If the Northland Community were a separate city, it would be the eighth largest in the state!
The Grand Opening ribbon cutting at the Franklin County Dog Shelter & Adoption Center in 2011.

The Northland Area Business Association was founded following publication of a business and consumer survey that was commissioned by The City of Columbus to review the vitality of Morse Road. This study was prepared before Northland Mall closed. The study produced a number of recommendations. One significant finding centered on the fact that while there are some 5600 businesses in the Northland area, there was no organized group to address the unique concerns of area businesses.

So in 1999, the Northland Area Business AssociationNABA for short – was founded in cooperation with the Northland Community Council. Since our founding, we’ve grown from a start-up to a well-respected organization with considerable clout! We have tremendous influence, and obtained it faster than we ever dreamed possible. Not a thing goes on in Northland that we’re not invited to review, participate in, or comment on! The Mayor, City Council, City Planning and Zoning staffs not only invite our opinions, but they actually listen!

As far as we’ve come, there is still much work to be done, and we need your help.

» Our Mission:

To serve the Greater Northland Area by promoting businesses and developing successful relationships between businesses and community.

Northland Village
NORTHLAND VILLAGE, the newest retail center in Northland, home of Menards, Franklin County Department of Jobs & Family Services, and Franklin County Dog Shelter & Adoption Center, opened in 2011.

NABA is a nonprofit corporation formed to promote the interests of Northland Area business owners, managers and property owners; and to promote responsible revitalization of the Greater Northland Trade Area.

Your NABA membership and participation will help ensure the prosperity and future of our Northland Area businesses and neighborhoods.

» Our Goals:

Among our goals:

NABA Luncheon​​
Rick Pfeiffer, Columbus City Attorney, and Joyce Bourgault, Executive Director at Helping Hands Health and Wellness Center, Inc., a local Northland area charity, conversing at a NABA luncheon.
    • Publish a Northland Business Spotlight column in the local media, where you can share news concerning your business, and actually get noticed!
    • Develop a Shop Northland consumer awareness program, to not only educate area residents on the benefits of spending their money in their backyard, but actually motivate them to do so!
  • Expand our business-to-business networking and Business after Hours, providing a host of business and social opportunities.

The stronger our membership,
the greater our voice!